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We Launched Part 97!

I got back into Ham Radio again after too long away.  I'm sad to say that got my ticket back in 2001 and never really did much with it.  You've heard the same story before.  Life just got in the way - in a good way.

Fast forward almost 20 years and I found myself recently packing up some stuff that my kids left behind when they moved out for college.  Among the items were two Ham Radios.  A Kenwood TM-G707 Dual Band mobile and a Yeasu VX-5 HT – both in decent shape.  Just needed a new battery and charger for the Yaesu and an antenna for the mobile and I was all set.

Why Part 97?

I believe that there is not a more romantic sound than that of voice over SSB, or the distant tone of CW somewhere down in the weeds on 15 meters.  It ranks right up there with well seasoned red oak crackling on an open hearth and the sound of a newborn crying in the pew behind you. Aesthetically speaking amateur radio is – or at least can be – a beautiful activity.  Furthermore, there are so many ways to play radio, whether it be in the confines of a well designed backyard or basement shack, on a long cross country haul, or from a remote mountaintop campsite after a long climb. Find your way to enjoy ham radio, then get out and make some noise.

My day job is designing and building all sorts marketing collateral and web sites for clients all over this great country of ours.  It's a great business that allows me to work out of the house and be around the sights and sounds of the shack all day.  I've wanted for years to build something of my own and saw the need for a line of fashionable, typographically beautiful, and unoffensive Ham Radio tees and collateral.

I'm very pleased with this initial batch of designs and look forward to getting some more products in the pipeline. These are all screen printed here locally where I can keep a close watch on quality by true screen printing artisans who take pride in their work.   I'm on location for every run and personally inspect and approve each item that leaves the loading dock.

If you like what you see grab a shirt or two and while you are at it sign up to be included in our very infrequent emails to let you know when new ham radio tee shirts and other related products come along.  If someone asks please let them know you ordered it at

This first run is screen printed on MakerTees 90/10 blend tee shirts with old-school ink-on-fabric silk.  None of that crappy plastisol heat transfer garbage or second rate materials.  Like baked bread no two shirts are exactly alike giving them that vintage, already been worn for years look that just gets better with wear and age.

Also, follow us on the Instagram and post a picture of yourself  in one of our tees and we'll send you a discount code.  Just use the hashtag #part97 and we'll find you.

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