Milana Loren Couture: Stylish, Confident and Full of Life

Milana Loren Couture began its journey beautifully and organically and is now one of the hottest brands in fashion.

At the tender age of nine years old, Layla Loren was captivated by the fashion world! Some might have predicted her career as a designer and CEO of her fashion line by noting the influence of her mother, who owned a fashionable wedding and ladies’ couture boutique. It’s where Loren learned the art of hand-beading and dressmaking.

She recalls, “My mother was Cher’s former designer, so she designed clothes for Cher and other movie-set pieces. I’m so grateful she took the time to teach me as it has led me to where I am today.”

Loren’s five-year-old daughter, Milana, is her muse and the inspiration behind the line.

“Milana is the one who ignited and fuels the creativity in my DNA. When she was born, the creativity naturally emerged, and I started making outfits for her. One gown I made for her for an event had a five-foot train. She was a showstopper. People would always ask where her outfits were from because they had never seen anything like them. Some even asked if they could buy them. It got to the point where I decided to create for others as well,” says Loren.

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With this newfound inspiration and loving purpose, Milana Loren Couture was born and today it has become a beacon of elegance. Its collections showcase a level of artistry and sophistication that convey a sense of vibrancy so palpable that the New York City Fashion Week Competition 2024 felt it fitting to bestow Milana Loren Couture with the Best Emerging Designer Award.

What sets Milana Loren Couture apart from other brands is its bespoke shopping experience: each garment is meticulously crafted and a personal concierge caters to the customer’s every need and requirement so that the final piece, whether it is a charming dress for a special occasion or a stylish everyday ensemble, reflects the wearer’s individuality. Each piece uses only the finest materials, sourced from Italy or crafted in-house, and is perfectly and impeccably tailored.

Vibrant colours, intricate hand-beading and luxurious materials including feathers, Chantilly lace, tulle, silk and sequins are carefully selected to create garments that not only look stunning but also feel comfortable against children’s delicate skin.

But what makes Milana Loren Couture special is Milana Loren herself.

“Milana used to be shy, and then she put on a dress and came alive. She had a smile that I’d never seen before. Even when I’m selecting fabrics, she’s a part of the process because she’s got a great eye. She once sketched a design and asked me to make it. It brings her so much joy when I bring her ideas to life. I always credit her for inspiring me,” says Loren.


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