Kleinburg Barbershop: The Ways Of The Old School Never Die

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The origins of your local barbershop are rich with history, and barbershops as social institutions have been around for centuries — going as far back as ancient Rome, when Emperor Nero was served by his personal barber.

Today, barbers with flair keep up with and deliver ever-changing styles for clients of all ages and walks of life and even inspire male grooming rituals.

The barbershop has traditionally been recognized as a haven for men, a place to gather and socialize. It’s a judgment-free zone where men can vent, curse and express commentary that may otherwise be considered politically incorrect.

Barbers offer more than just a fresh style and steady razor- wielding hand. They are modern-day Renaissance men, knowledgeable about various topics because of their years of developing relationships with the people who sit in their chairs.

Whether the topic of discussion is sports, politics or societal issues, barbers are listeners, advisers and members of the community who reserve judgment wholeheartedly because they know that will encourage expression.

Above all, their greatest satisfaction is to serve the communities that have been so loyal to them.

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For Frank Minicucci and Milorad ‘Miki’ Raičković of Kleinburg Barbershop, nothing beats old-school traditions.

What started as a joke, as Frank Minicucci humbly describes it, opening one of the first standalone one-man barbershops in Kleinburg and casually operating it on Thursdays and Fridays, Kleinburg Barbershop has become one of the town’s most well-respected barbershops, known for its old-school aesthetic and character.

Photographs of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali cover the walls of the decades-old basement barbershop. The brewing espresso machine fills the room with a beautiful aroma. Clients enter with comfortable smiles and bold jokes as they greet Minicucci and his fellow barber, Milorad “Miki” Raičković.

“Pursuing barbering kind of just fell in my lap,” says Miki, who made a strong first impression on Frank with his talent, focus, and natural ability to build relationships with clients. “Me and my buddies would mess around and cut each other’s hair as teenagers and I just had a knack for it. The more I kept doing it, the more I liked it. It’s a good feeling when you see clients smiling in the mirror after their cut.”

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A few clients are there for a quick trim and shave and the rest stop by to shoot the breeze. One thing is certain: the moment you walk in you never want to leave. Charismatic personalities abound and swagger and wisecracks fly in every direction. Above all, no one is trying to be someone they are not.

“This place is an anomaly because we’re that type of barbershop that shares that camaraderie with all our clients. We can openly talk about anything and through those conversations we learn how small the world is. We recognize that the small things in life matter the most,” says Minicucci.

Forget those monotonous barbers who take an hour and a half to come up with the same styles. At Kleinburg Barbershop the job is done in thirty minutes and then clients spend an extra hour afterward to unwind and enjoy the atmosphere.

Everyone is treated the same whether you walk in with dirty boots or sporting a Rolex — for Minicucci and Miki, it doesn’t matter. Having met them myself, I can attest that they are both class acts.

10525 Islington Avenue
Kleinburg, ON L0J1C0

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Marc Castaldo

Marc Castaldo